Company Overview

TeraMach delivers security, cloud, and edge solutions and services to companies and government agencies across Canada.

TeraMach Technologies, Inc. is a technology solution provider that serves business and government clients across Canada, with offices in Ottawa and Toronto staffed by 85 employees.

TeraMach provides IT professional services that advise companies by using assessments, strategies, and cost benefit analyses. We give advice on various topics such as storage, backup, virtualization, network, security, cloud strategy, cloud readiness, and the edge. We are currently ranked as the 6th largest supplier to the Canadian Federal Government (Shared Services Canada) with $270.2 million total business volume.

TeraMach has over 26 years of experience in the public sector, education, healthcare, and commercial industries, focusing on digital transformation in the areas of security, cloud, and edge. In recent years, the impact that digital transformation has on our society and ecosystem has driven change within our economy and the environment and challenged the way we do business. Our extensive data centre technologies experience, digital services capabilities, strong vendor relationships, and deep technical knowledge have enabled us to serve as the trusted partner for our 2000+ satisfied customers.

TeraMach, a Pivot Company

Acquired in 2016

After celebrating 20 years in business, TeraMach took a big step forward by being acquired by Pivot, a $2B IT services company. Pivot expanded TeraMach’s offerings with five service channels that encompass the full lifecycle of customers’ technology investments, including managed services.

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Integration Services 

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Professional Services

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Deployment Services 

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Workforce Services 

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Managed Services

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