Cloudx Overview

TeraMach Cloudx™ empowers our clients to consume cloud services through a multi-cloud environment with transparency, agility, and reliable connectivity.

TeraMach Cloudx™ is a portfolio of services designed to enable our clients to make a seamless journey into the cloud. Through Cloudx, we offer our clients everything from consulting services to help securely connecting to the cloud and ultimately effectively consuming hybrid multi-cloud services. TeraMach is uniquely qualified to help your company get the most value out of your cloud investment without compromising security and performance.


TeraMach Cloudx Service offerings focus on optimizing cloud consumption and elevating end-user experience by unifying and visualizing multi-cloud operations. We provide a comprehensive view across multi-cloud environments so clients gain visibility into cloud consumption/capacity reporting and expense management. Our clients experience 24/7 support, SLA-based monitoring, and management of multi-cloud resources. We also deliver centralized resource provisioning, capacity management, and workload orchestration.


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