Application Modernization

The Challenge:The legacy waterfall model of application development is too slow, complex and too costly. Our Application Modernization approaches and services help transform your application development with improved agility, security and time-to-market.

A Data-driven Approach to Application Modernization

How does TeraMach help you solve these problems? 

  • Agile Programing
  • Dev-Ops and Container Development Framework
  • Application Delivery Control 
  • Web Application Firewall 
  • Application Security Testing 

TeraMach can help you choose the workloads and applications to migrate. If new development strategies such as DevOps or Agile Programming are required, TeraMach can assist in setup or training your organization in adopting these new methods of application development. Securing the application has changed. TeraMach can help develop new dev-ops solutions to incorporate security into the dev test phase prior to development and go live. 

Application Modernization Image

Planning and Migrating Support Can Reduce Risk

Modernizing and cloud-enabling these older applications can be an exceedingly difficult task. Discovering all the applications in use within the organization and mapping their dependencies is time-consuming. Additionally, there’s the risk that software modifications could lead to data loss or cascading failures of related apps and systems. Since it’s seldom possible to “lift and shift” applications to the cloud, organizations need developers who have a working knowledge of older programming languages and development environments.

TeraMach addresses these challenges with its application modernization services. The TeraMach team leverages automated tools to drill down through applications and the underlying infrastructure and gather data on performance.

Transform Your Digital Workplace

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